Develop a grey payroll system when you have all the colours of the rainbow at your fingertips?

Try to stuff everyone into the same mould when every culture, every business, and every person is unique?

Blindly follow the fads of the times when we have access to infinite possibilities?

Subject your employees to a heavy and complex management style when your goal is to serve those very people who drive your company forward?


Espace Sïnapce: an ode to divergent thinking, creativity, innovation, and interculturality.

I am Sylvain Brazeau. A disillusioned ex-accountant, with a passion for payroll and all that it entails, including humans and their true nature.

Synapse: “the junction or intersection between two neurons.” Just like a synapse, I connect disparate ideas for my corporate clients.

Just like a synapse, I connect disparate ideas together for my corporate clients.

As a certified Payroll Manager (Canadian Payroll Association), I am familiar with the daily operations of businesses. Together with my clients, we eradicate problems one by one as they come in. We work together to optimize their processes to simplify, energize, and humanize their payroll department.

I have been working with various countries, nations, cultures, and nationalities for over 10 years. My greatest strength is making connections between the human being in front of me, the organization, their expectations, and their irritants. The result? Personalized, efficient, user-friendly, and innovative solutions that provide maximum short- and long-term benefits for the company.

Here at Espace Sïnapce, everything starts with people!

Some skills I’ve developed over the years…

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Certified Payroll Manager
  • Designer and facilitator of payroll training workshops
  • In-depth knowledge of human resources and its functions
  • Personal and Professional Coach Certificate (PPCC) from Concordia University
  • Know-how in human guidance (buzzword: Change Management)
  • Intercultural skills (I will share my intercultural promise with you)
  • Green Belt – Lean Six Sigma
  • Vipassana Meditation

The Sïnapce Approach

Your story. Your culture. Your concerns. Your autonomy.

Influence you with different ideas and ways of doing things based on today’s best practices? No thanks! My only interest is you.

Let me share the Sïnapce approach with you, the way I work when I intervene in a company.

I’m sure it’ll surprise you, but the first time we meet, we won’t even talk about payroll. Nope. We’re going to get to know each other first. You’ll get to tell me about yourself, your work, and your company. What’s going well…and what’s not going so well. I’ll also tell you about myself and my background. Straight talk.

Now that we’ve made a connection, we’ll look at your process together. And then we’ll join forces to explore your ideas and discover your unique way of doing things. With every suggestion, I’ll check to see that you’re comfortable with it, that it makes sense to you, and that it fits your nature. Together we will discover and establish the new process.


Our services

Support that fits YOUR reality and needs

Payroll Development and Efficiency

I’ll review your processes with you in order to optimize them and reduce or even eliminate errors. All this will be done in a way that respects your culture, your way of being, and your perspective.
We’ll make sure that all your key players (employees, managers, human resources…) provide you with all the information in a timely manner, so you can stop chasing after payroll and forms.

I’ll help you set up your payroll system so that everything complies with all rules and regulations. Together we will create checklists that include all the documents to produce, the remittances to pay, and the timetables to respect.

I design and deliver experiential payroll training workshops that are catered to your culture, your history, and your concerns. What’s the goal? For you and your colleagues to become empowered and to discover your unique expertise.

Project Management – payroll, human resources, and finance

I will act as a bridge between you and your payroll software provider. I will help your supplier understand your culture, your reality, your concerns, and your methods. And I will be by your side to help you implement and learn your new payroll system.
We’ll take a boring procedural system and turn it into a recognition engine. You’ll start to use the information that payroll provides about your employees and the company and transform it into something human centered, innovative, alive, and creative.

Coaching │ Competency Development and Change

Competency development is the human desire to take ownership of one’s changes, one’s movement. Due to their unpredictable patterns, changes are best accepted and integrated when they occur in a context related to personal interest and fulfillment. Contrary to what many think, change is not solely managed with tools, processes, or techniques learned in a classroom. It is first and foremost brought on by the courage to develop the ability to have real human conversations.

I will coach the manager to become a leader who has the courage to develop their capacity for introspection that will allow them to listen to their employees and facilitate the integration changes and transfer of knowledge.

I want to optimize and humanize my payroll system

Incarner ta posture de LEADER…sans carapace ni masque

Leaders must first have the courage to take on their inner posture and develop their ability to see within themselves before supporting their employees.

My colleague Jadson is here for you. He will introduce you to several exploratory techniques that will help you free your conscious and creative movement and help you thrive.

Sïnapce will help you to look inside yourself and awaken your leadership posture, your creativity, and your ability to reason with both your head and your heart. We will also help you clarify your vision: the basis of everything.

I want to meet Jadson

« Authentic exchanges. Personalized solutions. Simple and effective tools. These are the keys to rewarding business relations.»


A more efficient, authentic, and human-centered approach to payroll, human resources, and financial management: yes, it’s possible!

Need a payroll system adapted to your reality, support in implementing a new system, or coaching to become a better leader? Speak with me today!

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Jadson Caldeira

Research and Innovation

Espace Sïnapce are "out-of-the-box thinkers" and "thought-provokers." We are curious minds always looking to generate new ideas. And we put our minds to use from the very beginning of a new project.

This Pure Creativity authentically opens up meaningful and engaging leadership, true learning, innovation and creative entrepreneurship. By starting with connecting our minds to innerwork, we flip the traditional Creativity paradigm in which new ideas are derived from processes, techniques, and fads.

How cross-cultural entrepreneurial collaboration could advance without the dominant culture taking over. How refusing to bow down to dominant thinking could serve organizational effectiveness in cross-cultural business ventures.

I want to learn more about your forward-thinking research projects